Polarizing Optics

Phase retardation plates. Half- and quarter- wave in crystalline quartz:
    Standard range:
        - MO - multiple order (1-1.5 mm or more thick),
        - LO - low order (0.3-0.5 mm thick),
        - ZO - zero order (compensated, thickness 2-3 mm, made of two optically contacted or for high power applications air spaced phase plates),
        - diameter 20 mm,
        - wave front distortion L/10 per inch, finish 20/10 scr/dig
        - AR-coated R<0.2% each surface (high power)
        - diameter from 10 to 70 mm,
        - mounted

Polarizers. Thin film dielectric, Glan-Taylor air spaced prisms available. The later may be AR coated, Brewster shaped, made from material of different quality for high or low power, NIR-VIS or UV region systems  with correspondingly varying price. Standard dimensions are 10x10, 12x12, 15x15 mm. Optionally mounted.

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