Introduction to the R&G Co.

Our full name is Rimkevicius and Gintautas Company, unlimited, established in the end of 1991, registered in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Co-owners - Remigijus Rimkevičius (Remigiius Rimkevichius) and Gintautas Vilkaitis.

The R&G Co. is a manufacturer and supplier of custom precision optical components and units for use in scientific and engineering research, education, design of laser and other optical methods using devices for science, medicine, industry and entertainment.

The following is our product line:

1. General optics - lenses, prisms, windows, mirrors, polarizers, phase retardation plates, cube beam-splitters, etc.
of crown glass, fused silica, other FIR, IR, VIS, UV crystalline and glass materials;

2. Dielectric and Metal coatings - vacuum evaporated. For example: mirrors, beam-splitters, filters, anti reflection, polarizing, etc.;

3. Non-linear crystal elements - for harmonic generation, wave mixing, electro- and acousto- optical modulation.
For example: AgGaS2, AgGaSe, GaSe, BBO, LBO, KTP, KTA, KDP, DKDP, LiIO3, LiNbO3, LiTaO3, TeO2, etc.;

4. Laser crystal active elements - e.g. YAG, YAP, YVO, GSGG, YSGG, Ti:Sapphire, etc.;

5. Ultrathin wafers - available in most non-linear and laser crystal and glass materials, down to 10 micron thick. Available optically contacted or cemented to substratums or free, with coatings and without;

6. Repolishing and recoating - of non-linear and laser active elements;

7. Mechanical - parts and assemblies for laser and optical devices, low scale custom production.

Quality of our products, ranging from amateur applications to high peak power single mode laser, warranted by strict control and testing from incoming materials to finished components. Modern apparatus used for control of the product linear properties and scientific laboratory expertise for the non-linear.

Our abilities based on over 20 year experience of the coo-owners and staff in laser physics and spectroscopy, laser and optical design and manufacturing, close co-operation with scientists in Lithuanian universities and institutes of Academy of Sciences, contracts with manufacturers, designers and researchers in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Byelorussia, suppliers of modern processing materials from Germany, France, USA.